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My art! Please look through my gallery! I may not be the best artist but at least take a peek?



GameFreekk has started a donation pool!
186 / 1,000
Donations are Greatly Appreciated!

Point Commissions

20 :points: - Headshot ;with a simple or no background
Flower Crown for u by GameFreekk
25 :points: - Fullbody ; with a simple or no background
Puppy by GameFreekk.:I see you looking at me:. by GameFreekk
30 :points: - Fullbody ; with a background
.:You're a face:. by GameFreekk
30 :points: - Poke-onesie ; with simple background
I AM CHARIZARD by GameFreekk Um I'm supposed to be Ninetales by GameFreekk

:star:These can be Chibi or Non-Chibi
:star: Texture can be added upon request!
:star: These can also be flat or shaded. But keep in mind I'm still a beginner in shading.

1:points: extra per extra character
2:points: more to make it into a video

-There are rules to everything-
:bulletred: Nothing sexual
:bulletorange: Nothing too gorey, some blood is ok
:bulletyellow: I don't/can't draw horses. And I can't draw people. Sorry. My drawing is limited to canines, felines and the like.
:bulletgreen: You may use these for whatever you want, you paid for them!
:bulletblue: You can use these on other websites as long as I am given credit.
:bulletpurple: Please Note Me if you are interested, and include a reference of your character, and an idea of what you want. Include the magic word "Pizza" somewhere in your request so I know you read the rules!
:bulletpink:DO NOT pay me until I upload your request!!!
:bulletred: Please do not rush me. The last thing I need is to feel pressured.
:bulletorange: Also, Please check my journal down for any important update. I may not always have time to change the icons to 'closed' and so on.


-To do list-
- Fullbody pokeonesie w/texture for Kaiyaru
- Fullbody with 4 charries w/bg for Kaiyaru
- Fullbody with another 4 charries w/bg for Kaiyaru

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:iconcanine-riot: :iconanimeluxray25: :iconjophesxi: :iconkaiyaru: :iconthe-heir-of-time: :iconsynchr0nizati0n: :iconforeverbluejeans: :iconspecialk42293: :iconrainbowinyourcloud: :iconbassei:

Basic Info About Your Best Friend!

-Your name: Priscilla
-Best friend's Name?: Mandy
-Your age?: 18
-Best friends Age?: 16
-How long have you known each other?: 2011 B)

-When did you meet?: Here on the deviant art when she was like "Thanks for the watch back!"
-How old were you both?: I was 16 so that means she was either 12 or 13 awww
-Where did you meet? : On the deviant art i said this
-How did you meet?: She watched me and I watched back and she commented saying thanks and i was "Your welcome^^"
-Did you get along instantly?: I'm....I would say yes? Yeah pretty much
-If not, what happened and how did you fix it?: AHEM I SAID YEAh
-Why do you feel you became best friends?: It just happened. It's not like i was like "Yo be my best friend." We just did

-You were instantly friends: Mmmm true
-Your best friend knows every single one of your secrets: False on that one.
-You think you know all their secrets: I would say false on this too.
-You believe that this person is the most loyal friend you have:TRUE
-You believe this friendship will last until the end of time: I hope. I really do.
-This person is the most supportive person you know: I would say true!
-This person is the one you call when you have a problem: True and false. I dont wanna cry to her about everything because I feel whiny and making it about me and i dont wanna do that.
-You have slept with person: No hahaha she lives in florida
-This person is/was/will be your best man/maid of honor: ????????? Will we know each other that long?
-There is nothing you do not know about this person: False

Well, let's test your knowledge! (these are all questions about your best friend) 
-Eye Color: Brown
-Hair color: Oh she told me once. Brown with some blonde highlights
-Hair style: Shoulder length and parted somewhere not the middle haha
-Height: 5'3 ?
-Weight: I dont know we dont talk about that haha
-Shoe size: Well if shes an inch shorter than me I would say 7 or 6.5
-Number of piercings: Earrings?
-Number of tattoos: She is 16 lol
-Favorite Color: Pastel colors? omg i Feel like maybe it's a red color or purple
-Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect
-Favorite pair of shoes: Ummm
-Favorite Clothing store: Urban outfitters or H&M cause she snapchats me those places haha
-Favorite food: UMM
-Favorite animal: DOGGIES
-Favorite restaurant: No clue
-Favorite Band: Paramore or Fall Out Boy.
-Favorite Song: ?? probably a song by Paramore or Fall Out Boy?
-Favorite Genre of music: Whatever genre Paramore and Fall Out Boy are
-Favorite perfume/cologne: Mandy looks like she would wear floral smelling perfumes but idk
-Favorite non-alcoholic drink Milk?
-Favorite Alcoholic drink: SHE IS 16 CHILL
-Favorite city: Hmmm
-Who does he/she live with: Parents most likely haha
-What kind of car does your best friend drive: SHE IS 16...depending what the driving age is where she is.
-AIM/MSN/ICQ Name/Number: What
-Parent's Name(s): I have 0 idea
-Siblings names: Single children
-Pet's names: She doesnt have a pet but she has MOLLY
-Bedroom colors: Its white but it looks pretty!!
-First boyfriend/girlfriend: ???????/////??? I know shes had one before
-First school attended: How should i know this

-What is your best friend's religion?: Christian right?
-Do you practice it also?: I'm not any religion but I would say my beliefs are somewhat close to christian in a way
-Do you agree with it?: I dont really care about it tbh
-Do you argue about it?:  Nah why would we?

-Has this person met your significant other?: I've never had this "significant other"
-Do they get along or would they get along?: IDO NOT HAVE IONE
-Do they consider each other friends?: DO NOST HAVE
-Have you met your best friend's significant other?: I know she doesnt have one either haha maybe??
-Do you get along?: SOJLSJ:LSGTJ
-Do you consider his/her bf/gf your friend, too?: A person that is not there? Totes
-How many relationships has your best friend been through since you have known him/her?: Um...0?
-Are you their "crying shoulder" when something goes wrong?: I don't think I am. I'm not even there physically.

Totally Random stuff no-one asks about your friend!
-Weirdest gift you have received from your friend?: Memes
-Weirdest gift you bought for your friend?: You cant buy it but memes
-When was your first sleepover?: ANOTHER STATE YO
-What did you do?  ANOTHER STATE YO
-Have you been intoxicated or otherwise under the influence together?: NoOO
-Does your friend smoke?: NO.
-Does your friend drink often? :  NO
-Has your best friend seen you naked? NO OMG WHAT
-Have you ever been to the doctor together? NOO
-Do you think you could live together? ??? I dont know. That would be one of those "Lets try and see" things
-Why/Why not?: Mandy is so nice and sweet though
-What thing does your best friend most often say?: omg
-What thing does your best friend do that irritates you most?:  NOTHING SHE IS PERFECT I LOVE HER NOTHING ABOUT HER ANNOYS ME YA HEAR NOTHING?

Nearing the end...
-Did you have fun?: I suppose
-Do you think your best friend will do this for you?: Maybe if she's bored haha
-Why/why not?: You willing to fill this whole thing out?

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Hola!! I'm GameFreekk. You can call me Game. Or Gamefreekk!
Call me freekk and you'll die a very painful death.

As you can tell, I like drawing but sadly, my drawing abilities are limited to canines. You can probably tell by my username but I really like video games. Although I'm mostly obsessed with Need For Speed. There's more stuff to say about me but I don't feel like boring you to death.

Akai Journal Doll by Kaiyaru

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I know it's a stupid name ok, I can't change it

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The Rainbow to my cloud. My muffin. Mandu.

I Support Kaiyaru by Kaiyaru:iconkaiyaru: <--- She is amazing!!

I have support, guys! ;v;
I Support GameFreekk by Kaiyaru

I have three blogs.
They are linked in the tumblr below

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